"Magnificent vision!

You're not from this world. Thank you for your miraculous perspective and your gorgeous voice! Wow! There is an immensity to the fact that you are a carpenter. Jesus the master builder/creator, is your friend!

I can sense it."


Denise Lee Bagley, Facebook

November 20th, 2016





Life According to Cactus

After three life changing moments in 36 hours on March 27th, 2010, Cactus made a decision to begin living his life the way his heart had always asked him to.  He sold everything of worth that he owned in Australia and came to America to become a rock star. You have to hear his story...

Bio Synopsis

Five years in the making:

2011 - Paul Cactus Jack La MARR sold everything of value that he owned in Australia and flew to the US to break into the music industry. By breaking, he meant actually breaking. He ignored every part of the music industry and wrote his own rules. In August he began composing and recording with a full orchestra and choir. On November 22 he released his first album "That First Night." Even though he was a complete unknown, on December 3rd Deseret Book picked up his album after listening to the first 60 seconds. Two weeks later it was Deseret Book's Number One Seller.

2012 - In January, Cactus began writing and composing his next album, a compilation of original, Christian, Quaker and LDS Hymns. Even before knowing what would be on the album, Deseret Book picked it up. In April, Cactus released the Highly acclaimed and career changing "A Carpenter's Hymns." It was released internationally and by June was the Number One Album for Deseret Book, Seagull Book and many independent distributors. Deseret Book signed Cactus to "Cactus-fy" the LDS Hymnal, a seven record deal, during his 22 state national tour. Music Industry further broken into... In July Cactus released his first country EP "Don't Judge a Cowboy by His Country" which garnered the attention of BMI. In August Cactus decided to produce a musical he had spent eight years writing called "A Time of Forgiving." with Deseret Book carrying the musical soundtrack internationally. From opening night December 17 at the Eccles Theatre in Logan, Utah, with 24 cast, 64 crew, a full live 65 piece orchestra and 4 sellout performances closing at Kingsbury Hall Salt Lake City, Utah, Cactus Jack's music, now also a playwright, had an almost unstoppable momentum.

2013 - Radio stations across the US began playing his music and the pressure for more music came steadily. In June, Cactus Jacks' almost unstoppable momentum came to a screeching halt in the middle of production of his first pop single. His father passed suddenly. It would take several months for Cactus to pick up again. Before year's end he released his pop single "Seed of Our Love." It hit the Number One spot on the ReverbNation charts in Australia.

2014 - In January, Cactus met and partnered with filmmaker Travis Smith to score the film music for a Star Wars Spoof short film. This lead to working with Kels Goodman of Tier Two media on the soundtrack of a documentary short spoof "America Revealed." This lead to a deal to write the original score for a 6 part documentary mini-series called "Hidden in the Heartland." 

2015 - In January Cactus was asked to write the motion picture score for "Thorns," a film written by Shelley Bingham Husk and directed by Michael Flynn. The soundtrack received the Christian Movie Associations Oscar equivalent, the 5 Dove Award. Cactus released his "Crown of Thorns" single and music video in March. By July Cactus had developed his own documentary series "Still With You." The 8 part series has now been slated for development into its own TV series for 200 episodes. In November, Cactus released his Jazz Christmas album "A Cactus Christmas" internationally. 

2016 - Cactus finished "Hidden in the Heartland," produced his own wedding, built his own music studio and film production studio to began pre-production of his documentaries "A Life Postponed" and "Darkness in the Light." Film Industry broken...

Cactus has finally begun the composing and production of the long anticipated "A Carpenter Hymns II." It is considered by industry insiders as his greatest work to date. His wife calls it his magnum opus. He just reckons its about time to get it started...

If a simple carpenter, with no education, no training, no experience....and at the age of 45, can break into all of these things and make them his own...you have NO excuse NOT to create your life they way you want it to be.

Listen to and see Cactus at www.paulcactusjacklemar.com

Cactus is based in both the US and Australia.

//  Origin:  Popanyinning, West Australia
//  Genres:  Alternative, Pop Jazz, Gospel, Country
//  Years Active:  2011- Present
//  Label:  Life According to Cactus Productions
//  Website:  paulcactusjacklemar.com

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